Radio Astronomy Lab

The Radio Astronomy Laboratory (RAL) is an Organized Research Unit (ORU) at the University of California, Berkeley dedicated to designing, building and conducting          experiments that explore the Universe

Exploring the Universe

Measuring the cosmic microwave background polarization

Measuring the first galaxies and structures in the early Universe  (epoch of reionization)

Furthering technology

Charting the Milky Way

Educating our students

Job Opportunities:

The Radio Astronomy Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley seeks applications for a Junior Specialist in radio astronomy instrumentation and data analysis, directed by Professor Aaron Parsons or Dr. David DeBoer. Research in the lab addresses the electromagnetic and radio frequency (RF) system design and analysis, modeling for the design, optimization, use and data analysis of radio telescopes and the resultant data.

The junior specialist will be expected to work collaboratively with a research team to design and model radio frequency systems that meet the specifications to conduct sensitive radio astronomical observations. The candidate will also be assisting with experiment design, data analyses, and the preparation of research for publication. The position may require travel to remote telescopes as well as working in a RF lab with sensitive equipment.


  • Will aid in designing and optimizing RF systems appropriate for sensitive radio astronomical observations.
  • Will be assisting with using RF systems and conducting data analysis and the preparation of research for publication
  • Will be working in a team environment to deploy and conduct observations and analyze data.